Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for iPhone

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Joe Wainer
Joe WainerUpdated 2 years ago

Entering the criminal world

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is one of the most popular versions in the GTA series. As the title suggests, this action game takes you to Vice City, a place where petty to heinous crimes have taken root. Joining the game’s protagonist Tommy Vercetti, players will get heavily involved in the criminal world as they work hard to rise in the ranks and become a kingpin. GTA: Vice City is a game that will take you to really dangerous but exciting conquests. 

From rags to riches

Tommy Vercetti is just a small-time criminal who is in search of illegal narcotics that he could deal with the people in Vice City. Compared to the protagonists in other GTA games, Tommy’s backstory may not be as compelling and dramatic, but players will certainly find it thrilling to play a character that is out there with the very purpose of dominating the criminal world. You will start operations on one side of the city and until you are able to complete enough quests and missions, you are yet to be allowed to venture to other areas. Along the way, while expanding your business and gaining property that you can use as your base of operations, you will also have to take notice of your competition. It is not just about being able to deal as much illegal narcotics as possible. In order to dominate the underworld, you must also be able to gain control of all operations and that comes with eliminating the enemy. If you play your cards right, eventually, you will be able to take over the whole of Vice City and become its ultimate kingpin.

A city of temptation

From the bright neon lights to the upbeat music blasting all over the place, GTA: Vice City is clearly a place of indulgence. The setting effectively sets the mood and players are easily captivated with the game. Similar to other GTA games, pretty much anything goes here in Vice City. If you do not feel like dealing illegal drugs at the moment, feel free to steal other people’s luxury cars and take a ride downtown. The game’s aesthetic drifts close to the roaring 80s, an era when people liked to live in extravagance. From neon lights to colorful pastels adorning the streets, signages, and buildings, GTA: Vice City is certainly not your ordinary busy city and it is this funkiness that will make you enjoy the game twice as much. 

An addicting game to play

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will get you addicted to playing it, but that is not really surprising. The game itself is based on giving in to vices and addiction in order to win. GTA: Vice City is the perfect piece to play if you like to kill time or would like to de-stress from your busy life. It offers a refreshing look and a gameplay where you get to decide the pace while being granted the freedom to do anything you want. 


  • Exciting missions
  • Fun and colorful graphics
  • Impressive voice acting


  • Driving controls are too sensitive
  • Limited customization options

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for iPhone

  • Paid
  • In English
  • V 1.8
  • 4.2
  • (1411)
  • Security Status

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  • Harsh Patel

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    I am not able to find it free

  • Zaki Mubasher

    by Zaki Mubasher

    Thanks for grand vice city you that was my wish to have this free


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